What to consider before buying your first rabbit

  Rabbits can make great additions to your household but as with any pet, they are a big commitment. If you are thinking of getting one, here’s some of the things you need to consider before buying your first rabbit. Where is your rabbit going to live? Before buying your first rabbit you need to think about where Read More

Keeping Outdoor Rabbits Safe in Cold Weather

  Keeping outdoor rabbits safe in cold weather should still be top of mind with icy blasts possible over the coming weeks.  Rabbits could be adversely affected if they primarily lives outdoors and you haven’t taken steps to protect them from the harsh effects. Here are some tips for keeping outdoor rabbits happy and safe during the colder months. Read More

Things That Are Harmful for Your Rabbit

Rabbits can be adversely affected by a number of foods, plants and products. The effects can range from harmful to poisonous so it is vital to know what kind of things could prove fatal for your bunny.  Foods Rabbits may well be vegetarians but don’t assume that this means that any vegetable or plant can Read More