Senior Dog Food Guide

Diet plays a very important role in maintaining health, particularly for senior dogs. With age unfortunately comes a greater risk of health conditions, but senior dog food is specially formulated to combat age-related decline. In this blog, we’ll look at how senior dog food differs from other diets – in particular how nutrient levels vary Read More

Senior Cat Food Guide

It’s not uncommon for cats to live well into their 20s these days, thanks to improved veterinary care, lifestyles and nutrition. However, old age does make cats more susceptible to health issues, with the most common causes of non-accidental death in cats being cancer, kidney disease, and heart disease. However, feeding your senior cat the Read More

Dog Years to Human Years: How to Convert Them

Understanding your dog’s age in human years is a common curiosity among pet owners. It’s only natural for us to want to know more about our furry friends’ ageing process, and see how they compare to us as they grow. For a long time, the idea that one dog year equals seven human years has Read More