How to Teach a Dog to Swim

Swimming can be an excellent form of exercise for dogs, as well as a vital survival skill. However, not all dogs are natural swimmers. In this article, we’ll explore why some breeds of dog take more naturally to water than others, before offering up a step-by-step guide to how to teach your dog to swim, Read More

Do Dogs Lose Their Appetite in Hot Weather?

Many of us experience a smaller appetite when it’s warm out, and this can often be the case in our pets too. A study into the feeding habits of cats found that they eat as much as 15% less during the summer months. While there is less research on this in dogs, it’s likely that Read More

Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

Have you ever noticed your dog eating grass? If so, you may be concerned as to whether this is healthy, and wonder why your dog might be doing it. There are a few widely held beliefs about dogs eating grass that can cause some owners to worry. For example, it’s a common misconception that dogs Read More

How to Host a Dog-friendly BBQ: Foods to Cook and Keeping Safe

As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds in the UK, the BBQ is never far behind! A day of barbecuing tasty foods with our friends and family in the sunshine is a staple of British summer time, but how can we make sure it’s just as enjoyable for our furry friends? Read More

Dog First Aid Kit: What to Include

As much as we try our very best to keep our furry friends safe, sometimes accidents do happen. Having a dog first aid kit to hand can make a big difference if your pup does get hurt. Dog first aid kits are a particularly good idea if you’re going on holiday or travelling away from Read More

Looking After Your Cat or Dog While on Holiday: Boarding Options and Advice

As much as we’d love to take our furry friends away with us on holiday, sometimes this just isn’t practical. While some dogs will thrive on walking holidays and camping trips in the UK, others find the new experiences and change of routine stressful, and this is almost always the case for cats too. If Read More

Holidays with Dogs: Where to Go and Top Tips

Whether you’re looking for a dog-friendly holiday cottage with a hot tub to kick back in, or a little seaside town where you and your pup can stroll along the beach, there are plenty of fantastic options for holidays with dogs in the UK. To help you make some unforgettable memories this summer, we’ve rounded Read More

11 Top Tips for How to Keep Cats Cool in Summer

Cats were domesticated from desert species, and this ancestry means most cats enjoy the sunshine and heat. They are usually good at knowing if they are getting too hot and will take measures on their own to avoid overheating, such as seeking shade. However, some cats might need a little extra help during the summer Read More

Cat Ice Lolly Recipe

Giving your cat a frozen treat on a hot summer’s day is a great way to cool them down – and most curious cats will be intrigued by the interesting new texture of ice, especially if they’ve not encountered it before. We’ve rounded up some of the best cold treats for cats, including a customisable Read More

Heatstroke in Cats: Spotting the Signs and How to Cool Them

Cats tend to be better than dogs at regulating their own body temperatures since their ancestors originally came from the desert, but when the summer heat strikes, our feline friends can still sometimes suffer from overheating and dehydration. Heatstroke is the most life-threatening form of hyperthermia, and occurs when your cat is overwhelmed by heat Read More