Introducing Naturediet Dog Food: A Sustainable, Healthy Option

As pet parents, we want to ensure that our four-legged friends get the very best meals, packed with all the vital nutrients they need to live a life full of adventures. Understandably, our standards have never been higher when it comes to what we put in our dog’s bowl every day. Naturediet is a dog Read More

Woolcool: How it Works and Ways to Reuse it

Woolcool is a sustainable packaging solution used widely in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Fresh food and some medicines often need to be kept at a low temperature during transit to ensure they arrive at the customer’s door in good condition. Here at Animed, we use Woolcool to package our pet medicines that require refrigeration. Read More

Burns Pet Nutrition: Pet Food Sustainability

Burns Pet Nutrition takes its environmental responsibilities very seriously. The brand understands that sustainable pet food companies must continually seek to make changes to their approach and business in order to improve their environmental performance. Burns Pet Nutrition is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in as many areas of the business as possible, striving Read More