How to Host a Dog-friendly BBQ: Foods to Cook and Keeping Safe

As soon as the sun peeks out from behind the clouds in the UK, the BBQ is never far behind! A day of barbecuing tasty foods with our friends and family in the sunshine is a staple of British summer time, but how can we make sure it’s just as enjoyable for our furry friends? Read More

Which Foods are Safe for a Dog Christmas Dinner?

There are plenty of delicious foods and drinks around at Christmas and they can be just as tempting for our dogs as they are for us. While some parts of your Christmas dinner can be ok for dogs, there are some Christmas foods dogs can’t eat. No matter how much your pet might want to Read More

Toxic Foods for Dogs: Picnics

The sun is shining, so grab your hamper and your pooch for a fun picnic in the park! There’s nothing quite like reclining on the grass with a refreshing drink, tasty foods and of course your furry friend by your side. However, not all picnic foods are safe for dogs so don’t be tempted to Read More