Roundworm In Dogs Can Effect Humans Too!

Did you know that dogs can carry worms that can affect not only their health, but which can also be passed on to humans and cause them medical problems as well? Toxocara canis, the canine large roundworm, is a common cause of diarrhoea in young animals and can also cause vomiting. Sometimes the worms themselves Read More

Can You Get Worms From Your Pet?

Some infections that can affect pets can potentially be picked up by humans too.  This is generally rare, but here is a brief guide to provide an overview of some such risks.     Roundworm Toxocara, or roundworms, can potentially be passed from pets to humans through infected faeces.  This is rare, but when it Read More

How Do Pets Get Worms?

Worms are parasites that can reside in your pet’s intestines and elsewhere in the body. Their presence will not always be obvious in terms of symptoms as they can be mistaken for other conditions. If a worm infestation is allowed to take hold, it can affect your pet’s general health and immunity. There are various Read More