What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Freeze dried dog food is a relatively new way of feeding, that combines both the convenience of dry food with the nutritional benefits of raw dog food. It’s a type of natural dog food, meaning that it contains only natural ingredients and nothing artificial. In this blog, we’ll discuss the nutritional value of freeze dried dog food, how it is made, and how to feed it – it could be time to start your freeze-dried adventure!

What is Freeze Dried Dog Food?

Before we delve into the details of freeze dried dog food, it’s important to first understand what raw feeding is. A form of natural dog food that has gained popularity in recent years, raw dog food is made up of uncooked meat, vegetables and fruit. It is typically stored in the freezer and is defrosted before serving. Provided you choose one that is marked as ‘complete and balanced’, raw dog food is a great way to ensure your dog gets all the nutrients provided by fresh meat and veg, as none are lost through being cooked.

However, it’s no secret that raw food is a little less convenient than kibble. While dry dog food can be kept in the cupboard, stays fresh for a long time, and doesn’t involve handling raw meat, a raw dog food diet requires a little more effort. Enter freeze dried dog food!

Freeze dried dog food retains all the goodness and flavour in fresh meat and veg, but has all the convenience of dry. This is because the freeze-drying process gently removes all the moisture from the raw ingredients. With no water content, freeze dried dog food can be kept in the cupboard and will stay fresh for much longer.

How is Freeze Dried Dog Food Made?

Freeze drying is an innovative technique that can be used to preserve raw meat, fruit, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. It first became popular in North America, before quickly spreading to Europe in recent years. Nature’s Variety has the only freeze drying facility of its kind in Europe, allowing UK pets and their owners to enjoy its benefits. Here’s how it works.

First these ingredients are blended together, and shaped into handy nuggets of uniform size. This makes it easier to portion your dog’s meals correctly when you come to serve them.

Next, the nuggets are frozen quickly at a very low temperature, before being placed in a vacuum. The vacuum draws out all the moisture from the food – but nothing else. All the nutrients and flavours remain intact.

Meat, fruit and vegetables contain a lot of water, so removing it all leaves you with a highly concentrated version of the food. Freeze-dried food is therefore extremely light in weight. The ratio of freeze dried to wet dog food is approximately 1 to 5. So 120g of Nature’s Variety freeze dried dog food is the equivalent of a 600g can of wet food.

Do You Add Water To Freeze Dried Dog Food?

There’s no need to add water to freeze dried dog food. It is ready to eat as it comes, with no defrosting, heating or hydrating required. The absence of moisture actually results in a more intense flavour which is extremely palatable for dogs.

However, there’s nothing wrong with adding water to your freeze dried dog food if you’d like to. If your dog prefers a wet food consistency, adding a little water will rehydrate the nuggets into a kind of paste.

You may notice that your dog is a little more thirsty after eating freeze dried food, because of the lack of water content. However you choose to serve your dog’s meals, it’s important to always have fresh water available for them to drink.

How Long Does Freeze Dried Dog Food Last?

Because of the absence of moisture, freeze dried dog food has a great shelf life. Microorganisms need water to grow, so freeze drying inhibits the growth of bacteria. Unopened, a bag can last for as long as a year, sometimes longer – but always check the expiry date on the product packaging.

It’s also important to note that although the freeze-drying process inhibits bacterial growth, it doesn’t kill it. You should still practise good hygiene when handling freeze-dried food, as you would with any raw meat. This includes washing your hands with soap and hot water after handling, cleaning surfaces it’s been on, and storing it away from human food.

Products in the Nature’s Variety freeze dried range come in handy resealable bags, so you can keep them airtight and fresh between meals. Simply store them in the cupboard and feed straight from the bag, no preparation necessary.

Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried Dog Food

Nature’s Variety offers a range of freeze dried dog food options, from treats and toppers to complete and balanced meals.

Complete Dog Food

With options for both small and large dogs, these meaty chunks provide a complete meal for your four-legged friend. No need to add anything else, simply count out the correct number of nuggets for your dog’s size and breed and let them enjoy! They’re made with 80% premium quality meat, and the rest wholesome fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals. Choose between four different flavours, including beef, lamb, turkey and chicken.


Freeze dried toppers are a great way to enhance the taste and nutritional value of your dog’s food in a more affordable way. Made from the same 80/20 blend as the Complete range, they are complete and balanced on their own but are designed to be mixed in with another dog food for that little extra boost.


These chunks of 100% premium quality meat are a real treat for the tastebuds! Lightweight, easy to store and irresistibly tasty, Nature’s Variety Meat Bites are the perfect reward for your dog, and can easily be slipped into your pocket for walks.

Wrapping Up

Freeze dried dog food is a great solution for pet parents who want to provide the nutritional benefits of raw dog food along with the convenience of dry. From complete and balanced diets in a range of tasty flavours, to 100% meat treats for training and snacks, there’s plenty to try! Discover the range of freeze dried dog food Nature’s Variety has to offer at Animed Direct. Your dog will thank you for it!

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