Beaphar Herbal Calming Cat Treats 35g

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Beaphar Herbal Calming Cat Treats 35g

Beaphar Calming Cat Treats are deliciously chicken flavoured and formulated to reduce general feelings of anxiety in cats during stressful times.

Cats can be especially sensitive to changes in their environment, which can lead to problem behaviour and health complications.

These natural treats are alternatives to pharmaceuticals and promote relaxation and relieve anxiety during stressful situations.

Give your cat 1 Beaphar Calming Treat up to 1½ hours before a potentially stressful situation. Treats can be given every three hours, up to a maximum of six treats per day.

For ongoing results, give cats two treats per day.

Always have fresh drinking water available.


Cereals, Milk and milk derivatives, Derivatives of vegetable origin (Melissa officinalis 5%, Hop blossoms 1%, Valerian extract 0.1%), Oils and fats (Chicken fat 3.5%), Minerals, Yeasts, Fish and fish derivates, meat and animal derivatives.

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Beaphar Herbal Calming Cat Treats 35g. Deliciously chicken flavoured treats formulated to help calm cats during stressful times. Contains valerian, hop flowers and melissa.