Beco Scoop - Eco Friendly Litter Scoop

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Beco Scoop - Eco Friendly Litter Scoop

A sturdy, easy to clean and eco friendly litter scoop from Beco. This litter scoop will hang up for easy storage too. Made from 100% natural materials (80% bamboo and rice husk fibres and 20% natural enzymes), the Beco Scoop will biodegrade safely once you throw it away, a process which takes approximately 3 - 5 years once in landfill.

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We understand that there are essential items which you need to purchase for your pet on a regular basis, such as food and medication. So to make life easier, you can set up a Scheduled Order with Animed Direct and we’ll schedule the order to repeat automatically for you at a frequency of your choosing.

Beco Scoop has a rigid handle and is easy to clean. It is made from natural bamboo and will last for years in the home before breaking down once disposed of.