Caninsulin VetPen Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats

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Caninsulin VetPen Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats

The Caninsulin VetPen Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats provides for a more convenient way to inject Caninsulin than traditional vials and syringes.

Please note:

The Caninsulin VetPen Starter Pack does NOT contain caninsulin. This must be purchased separately and will require a veterinary prescription.

Benefits of the Caninsulin VetPen Starter Kit:

  • Greater convenience
  • Offers a convenient alternative for those who are uncomfortable using syringes
  • Reusable Caninsulin cartridge allows pet owners to give doses with minimal preparation time
  • Handy carrying case makes it easy to inject pets while away from home

Accurate dosing

  • Enables owners to provide a precise dose of Caninsulin for every injection
  • Makes selecting a dose as simple as turning a dial
  • Precise instrumentation reduces the chance of user error
  • Eliminates need to draw doses from Caninsulin vials

Enhanced ease of use

  • Ergonomic design makes handling easy
  • Beneficial for pet owners with poor eyesight, arthritis, or unsteady hands
  • Reduces the risk of accidental needle stick injuries
  • Reduces the chance of spills
  • Sturdy body protects Caninsulin cartridge from breakage
  • Helps eliminate air bubbles that can lead to incorrect dosage

The user friendly instrument of VetPen enables you to provide a precise dose of Caninsulin to your pet with each injection. VetPen eliminates the need to draw doses from a vial using a syringe with a needle. After preparing VetPen, you simply turn the dial and it draws up the the selected dose for you. You then insert the needle through your pet's skin and inject the Caninsulin through the push of a button. This simple process enables greater accuracy and reduces the chance of dosing errors.

The VetPen has been designed specifically for use with Caninsulin and should not be used with any other products.

Caninsulin cartridges should be refrigerated and protected from light before opening, and the VetPen should be refrigerated after the cartridge has been started. VetPen should always be stored and carried with the needle removed and the cap on. To clean the device, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not immerse in water.

VetPen contains a reusable cartridge that allows you to provide multiple doses with minimal preparation time. However it is still necessary to prime the device before the use of each new cartridge and mix the Caninsulin prior to each injection. When all the Caninsulin has been used, you simply remove the empty cartridge and insert a new one.

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Caninsulin VetPen Starter Kit for Dogs and Cats. Makes it easier for pet owners to manage their pet's diabetes. Giving Caninsulin injections are simpler, more accurate and less time-consuming.