Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia 100g

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Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia is harmless and has very little effect on the flavour of food before it is eaten. It is the effects of the digestive system which causes Copro-Nil to become unpleasant in flavour.

Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid also contains vitamins which when deficient in the diet are believed to contribute to the desire to eat faeces.

Coprophagia (or eating of the faeces by an animal) is common in dogs. Eating the faeces of herbivores might well be considered normal canine behaviour. However, if a dog eats its own faeces, this is not considered normal behaviour and appears markedly unpleasant to most owners.

There are several factors that contribute to the desire of an animal to eat its own or other animals faeces and these will often interact. The factors that contribute to coprophagia are:

  • Vitamin deficiency - In a laboratory Vitamin B1 and Vitamin K have been shown to cause this problem. Low levels may trigger the animals instinct to seek sources of these vitamins. This may include their faeces.
  • Curiosity - Young animals in particular are intensely curious and the faeces of a strange animal may make them want to try something new. This is not a problem unless they develop a taste for it.
  • Boredom - Animals who are bored or anxious will find ways of relieving the stress. This may be by activities like continuous whining or barking, destructive behaviour or coprophagia.
  • Natural Instinct - Dogs may eat other animals faeces in an attempt to re-populate their gut with healthy bacteria, especially in dogs where their digestive systems have been disturbed.
  • Protein - Cats in particular but also other animals on a high protein diet may have significant amount of protein present in their faeces. If an animal has a particular requirement for protein (e.g. if growing rapidly or on an imbalanced diet) it may be attracted to faeces.
  • Habit - This is the most challenging 'cause'. An animal starts consuming faeces from one of the reasons above but then continues, often through having the behaviour inadvertently reinforced by the owner or from continued exposure to stressful situations. The longer this behaviour continues the harder it is to break. This is more a psychological condition and may require specialist treatment.

Copro-Nil should be sprinkled on the top of every meal before eating for 2 weeks.

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Copro-Nil Behaviour Aid for Coprophagia gives faeces an abnormally unpleasant taste, even to dogs, as the ingredients are altered as they pass through the digestive system, to deter them from eating their own faeces.