Corta-Vet HA Capsules Canine/Feline 200mg - Pack of 60

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Wear and tear can be exaggerated by breed conformation and growth spurts. Feed young animals, especially those breeds with associated weakness, Corta-Vet HA Capsules Canine/Feline as part of their daily routine to support healthy joints for life. Corta-Vet HA Capsules Canine/Feline has been fortified with Hyaluronic Acid, a major component of joint lubricating fluid, and remains the leading OTC product for canine and feline joint mobility.

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Sorry, this product has been discontinued.
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As dogs and cats age their joints will undoubtedly experience wear and tear. Feed them Corta-Vet HA Capsules Canine/Feline daily, to keep their joints as healthy and supple as possible in the long term.