Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats

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The extremely high level of GLA in the oil we use promotes coat growth and so is invaluable to give during the moult or where excessive hair loss has occurred. It is ideal for breeds with long silky coats and when given regularly it will maintain the good quality coat that these breeds require.

Evening Primrose Oil Capsules are suitable for both short term or long term use as required. They can be used with any other medication and can be used on pets from 8 weeks of age. They are also safe to use if your pet is pregnant or lactating. However as a precaution, veterinary advice should be sought before giving evening primrose oil to animals suffering from epilepsy.

Dosage: Give 1 tablet per 10kg of bodyweight

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Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules for Dogs and Cats are a dietary supplement to maintain the skin in good condition. The high level of essential fatty acids in our Evening Primrose Oil make it excellent for maintaining a healthy skin condition and reducing dry skin in dogs and cats.