Flexadin UC-II Joint Care - Vitamin Supplement Soft Chews for Dogs

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Flexadin UC-II Joint Care - Vitamin Supplement Soft Chews for Dogs

Flexadin UC-II Joint Care for Dogs are a next generation joint supplement for dogs with UC-II® that works by a process called oral tolerisation.

This delivers an exclusive combination of premium, natural ingredients including UC-II®, Vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids to aid mobility and help keep your dog active for longer.

  • No initial double amount required
  • Only 1 chew per day regardless of your dog’s size that can be given like a treat
  • Convenient soft chew with 99% of dogs loving the taste of it

Packed full of flavour, Flexadin UC-II's innovative formulation contains undenatured type-2 collagen (UC-II), which is a key component as it forms the main structure of healthy cartilage.

Veterinary experts found that UC-II helps soothe stiff joints and supports mobility, flexibility and comfort.

Only one tasty soft chew per day regardless of your dog’s size.

Available in pack of 60 Chews (60 days) or 120 Chews (120 days). 

1 chew per day for all dog sizes. The chews can be given as a treat or mixed with food.
Suitable for all sized dogs over the age of 2 years.

Each chew contains: Glycerin, brewer’s yeast, oat flour, rye middlings, oat flakes, chicken liver powder, linseed oil (source of Omega 3), UC-II® chicken cartilage powder (containing potassium chloride: 0.44%, Total collagen powder: 0.36% (with undenatured Type II collagen: 0.044%)) 1.47%, fish oil (source of Omega 3), pectin, sucrose, maltodextrin, calcium sulphate dihydrate.
Additives/kg: Emulsifying and stabilizing agents, thickeners and gelling agents: Gum Arabic E414 (Acacia) 50000mg, Sodium alginate (1d401) 250mg. Vitamins, provitamins and chemically well-defined substances having similar effect: Vitamin E/all-racemic-alpha-tocopheryl acetate (3a700) 7000 IU. Preservatives; Antioxidants; Flavouring compounds.
Analytical constituents: Moisture 20%, Crude protein 15%, Crude fat 11%, Crude ash 3%, Crude fibre 1.5%. Per chew: Total omega-3 fatty acids 95 mg. Individual chews 3g in weight.

Water should be available at all times. Store in a cool dry place. Store in tightly closed containers, below 25°c. This is a complementary feed stuff for dogs. Protect from sunlight. Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

For animal use only. Contains feed material of animal origin. Do not give to ruminants. The appearance of the chew may change without impacting the product.

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Flexadin UC-II Joint Care - Vitamin Supplement Soft Chews for Dogs. A next generation joint supplement to help maintain healthy joints and support cartilage function in a tasty one-a-day chew.