Hills Prescription Diet Metabolic + Urinary Stress - Weight and Urinary Care Cat Food Dry

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Key benefits  of Hills Prescription Diet Feline Metabolic + Urinary Stress Wet Food:

  • Naturally works with your cat's unique energy use
  • Nutrition clinically proven to dissolve struvite stones
  • Clinically proven to reduce body weight by 11% in 60 days
  • Works with your cat's unique energy use and helps their body burn excess fat
  • Helps your cat feel full and satisfied between meals
  • Clinically proven to help your cat avoid weight regain following weight loss
  • Tastes great so your cat will love it

Recommended for:

  • Initial nutritional management of cats with any type of Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD), including Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC), crystalluria and/or urolithiasis from any cause and urethral plugs
  • Weight loss
  • Dissolution of sterile struvite stones
  • Long-term nutritional management of cats prone to: 
    • Feline Idiopathic Cystitis (FIC)
    • Struvite, calcium oxalate and calcium phosphate crystals and uroliths (reduction of occurrence and recurrence)
    • Urethral plugs (almost exclusively associated with struvite or calcium phosphate crystals)

Not recommended for:

  • Kittens
  • Pregnant or lactating queens
  • Cats that are debilitated, underweight or dehydrated
By purchasing this Hills Prescription Diet food you confirm that your pet was examined by a vet who recommended the use of this food on the basis of his/her diagnosis. You understand that whilst your pet is being fed Hills Prescription Diet food you will seek veterinary advice at least every 6 months regarding its usage and will seek immediate veterinary advice should your pets condition deteriorate in any way whilst using this product.
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Hills Prescription Diet Feline Metabolic + Urinary Stress Dry Food is specially designed to help manage your cat's weight and look after their urinary health.