Hill's Science Plan Adult 7+ Youthful Vitality Dry Cat Food Chicken Flavour

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Hill's Youthful Vitality Adult 7+ with Chicken & Rice has been developed with cutting-edge food science to help middle-aged cats feel full of life and vigor.

Studies on how nutrition affects the complex ageing process of cats, both physically and mentally, have enabled Hill's to produce a carefully balanced diet, with a mix of proteins, essential vitamins and minerals, all designed to keep your cat feeling fit and healthy during their middle life stage.

Hill's Youthful Vitality 7+ will help support your cat in a number of ways:

  • Brain function - Contains powerful antioxidants for a healthy brain and to support your cat's desire to spend time playing with their family
  • Healthy kidneys and urinary tract - Controlled minerals help maintain healthy kidneys and urinary tract
  • Energy and vitality - Protein and L-carnitine support your cat's mobility and improve their ability to run and play
  • Luxurious fur - Enriched with fatty acids to get your cat into a good grooming routine and reduce matting and increase softness
  • Healthy digestive system - Contains high quality, easy-to-digest ingredients with great taste to suit even the fussiest eater!

When changing your cat's diet to Hill's Science Plan Youthful Vitality 7+ we recommend (as with any major change in diet) that you introduce the new diet over a period of around 7 days, increasing the amount of new diet in place of the existing diet gradually as the week progresses.

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Hill's Science Plan Youthful Vitality Feline 7+ Chicken & Rice is a tasty complete dry cat food, which has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the changing biology of adult cats aged 7+ as they reach their "middle aged" life stage.