; Kaminox Potassium Supplement Liquid for Cats & Dogs

Kaminox Potassium Supplement Liquid for Cats & Dogs

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Kaminox is a palatable liquid supplement intended for cats and dogs affected by reduced kidney function and associated with a reduced blood potassium levels.

Increasing dietary potassium levels can have a significantly beneficial effect.

Kaminox is more readily accepted by cats than some alternatives and is designed to be given every day, directly by mouth or added to food.

Contains 234mg Potassium per ml, with additional B-vitamins and essential amino acids for nutritional support.

  • Kaminox Potassium Supplement Liquid can be given directly or added to food.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Administer 2ml per 4.5kg bodyweight 1-3 times daily or as recommended by your veterinary surgeon.
  • Consult your veterinary surgeon for appropriate administration levels in dogs and other species.
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Kaminox Potassium Supplement Liquid for Cats and Dogs is a designed to provide palatable liquid nutritional support to cats and dogs with chronic renal failure or other disorders associated with low levels of blood potassium. Before you use this product please ensure you have had a diagnosis of low blood potassium from your vet.