Oxbow Critical Care Fine Grind 100g

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This specially-formulated product contains high-fiber timothy hay and the essential nutrients to ensure proper gut physiology and digestion. Critical Care Fine Grind is designed to be used through feeding tubes as well as through traditional methods.

The Critical Care Fine Grind formula is high in fibre to promote digestive health, and low in carbohydrates and sugar. Its small particle size makes it extremely versatile to feed - it flows easily through syringes & feeding tubes.

Read product packaging before use and use as directed

  • As a general guideline, mix 1 part Critical Care FINE GRIND to 3 parts warm water.
  • The volume of water may be adjusted to obtain optimal feeding consistency
  • Amounts are general guidelines and should be adjusted based on patient condition.
  • Divide daily amount into 4-6 servings, or as indicated by your veterinarian.
  • Critical Care Fine Grind is best utilized with feeding tubes, 5 French or larger, including nasogastric tubes.
  • Flush the tube thoroughly with warm water after each use to prevent the product from hardening and obstructing the tube.
  • Water should be available to the animal at all times.
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A premium recovery food that can be fed to herbivores unwilling or unable to eat due to illness, surgery or poor nutritional status.