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Prascend Horse Tablets 1mg - Priced Per Tablet

Prascend Horse Tablets 1mg - Priced Per Tablet on Animed Direct
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A cure for Cushing's disease in horses is unfortunately not available, but there are drugs like Prascend that can be given to help manage the effects of this disease and reduce the likelihood of secondary problems such as laminitis.  Prascend Horse Tablets contain an ingredient called pergolide, which acts to reduce the production of ACTH and therefore reduce the level of cortisol in the horse's blood. In most cases where Prascend Tablets are given, horses will respond well and the signs of Cushing's will be reduced.  A private prescription from your vet is required.

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Cushing's disease in horses is a hormonal disorder commonly affecting older ponies and horses.  It is also called Pituitary Pars Intermedia Dysfunction or PPID.  Cushing's disease is caused by the enlargement of a particular area within the pituitary gland of the horse's brain, which releases an excessive amount of hormone into the blood.  This hormone, called ACTH or adrenocorticotropin, is responsible for controlling another stage of hormone production through the adrenal glands, which are found near the kidneys.  The adrenal glands are triggered to produce more and more cortisol, which is a steroid hormone, and release this into the blood.

These abnormally high levels of cortisol found in Cushing's disease in horses will cause the range of clinical signs that can be seen.  The most common signs reported include changes to the coat, such as delayed shedding and an unusually long hairy coat, and the presence or recurrence of laminitis.  Other clinical signs may be found including a pot-belly appearance, increased thirst and urination and other secondary infections associated with a suppressed immune system due to high levels of cortisol.  Different cases can present with a variety of these symptoms, or some may be subtle.

Your vet may feel confident in making a diagnosis of Cushing's disease in your horse based on their presentation and clinical signs alone.  This is often possible due to the characteristic features of Cushing's disease in horses, but if more evidence is needed then your vet may advise blood tests to check cortisol levels and their response to a specific test called the `dexamethasone-suppression test`.

Please use this product as directed by your veterinary surgeon

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  • 5 Star Review

    27 Mar


    Quick delivery, useful that scanned documents are accepted, very good value for prescription medication


  • 5 Star Review

    27 Mar

    Quick Delivery, Always Helpful

    I order my horses medication from hereas they are they are the cheapest price but they have always been very helpful when dealing with prescriptions. I once sent it the wrong address. Didn't realise until days later, when.... read more

    lynn shelbourne

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    27 Mar

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    Charlie Powell

  • 4 Star Review

    27 Mar

    Good Range And Price Of Products But Was A Bit Of Hassle To Change An Item.

    Would be better if you could change an item, same day, without having to go through the cancellation and refund process.

    Donna Al-Sibai

  • 5 Star Review

    27 Mar

    First Class

    Very happy with the prompt and efficient service from this company, never had any negative issues over many years so thank you from a very satisfied customer.

    Jane Bellamy

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