; ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites for Cats and Dogs

ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites for Cats and Dogs

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ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites prevent dental plaque from sticking to teeth and softens existing tartar deposits.

If tartar build up is left untreated it can lead to problems for your pet such as bad breath, gum disease, tooth decay and even premature tooth loss. Tartar that is allowed to remain for too long can also cause infections that can spread through the body and damage the heart, liver, lungs and have a negative effect on kidney function.

ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites contain the active ingredient Ascophyllum nodosum which is a specially selected alga, harvested from along the North Atlantic coast.

Free from additives and artificial preservatives and containing no added sugar or gluten - ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites are a great addition to your pet's dental routine!

For best results use ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites as part of a regular oral hygiene routine. Use as directed on the pot.

Feeding guidelines:

  • Small dogs up to 10 kg: 4 - 8 dental bites a day (continuously)
  • Dogs between 10 kg and 25 kg: 2 - 4 dental bites a day (continuously)
  • Dogs over 25 kg: 4 - 5 dental bites a day (continuously)
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ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bites are completely natural pet dental chews which, when used daily, can significantly support the oral hygiene of your pet.