; ProZinc Insulin For Cats 40IU/ml - 10ml

ProZinc 40 IU/ml Suspension for Injection for Cats & Dogs - 10ml

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ProZinc 40IU/ml Suspension for Injection (10ml) is used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus to achieve reduction of hyperglycaemia and improvement of associated clinical signs.

Diabetes mellitus is diagnosed by your veterinary surgeon. Owners should work with the diagnosing veterinary surgeon to ensure that they are comfortable with the safe dosing and administration of ProZinc, and that they know to monitor and react accordingly to signs of hypoglycaemia. Read all product instructions carefully and use as directed by your vet. Treatment of diabetes mellitus requires regular veterinary monitoring and supervision to establish and maintain the correct dose of ProZinc for your cat or dog.

Check product data for full information, contraindications and warnings.

This is a temperature controlled product and is dispatched by courier. Please ensure someone is at the delivery address to sign for the delivery.

This product is dispatched in a chill pack to keep it at the correct temperature and should be stored upright in a refrigerator.

Shelf life after first opening of the immediate packaging: 60 days.

ProZinc syringes are recommended for use with ProZinc Suspension for Injection as they are correctly calibrated for ProZinc dosage. Other syringes may not be appropriately calibrated and could lead to dosage inaccuracies.

For animal treatment only.

We do not ship ProZinc to Europe, Highlands and Islands or Ireland.

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Used in the treatment of diabetes mellitus to achieve reduction of hyperglycaemia and improvement of associated clinical signs.