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Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Athletic with Chicken Dry

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Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Athletic Optistart with Chicken Dry is a complete large breed puppy food designed for athletic large breed dog's who are full of energy, ensuring they get a head start when it comes to growing up.

Large, athletic puppies have their own nutritional needs therefore this large breed puppy food includes key nutrients that helps support your large puppy's natural defences and long term health enabling them to combat daily athletic challenges.

Key benefits:

  • Formulated with Colostrum found in the mother's milk, which helps support immune response and balance the good and bad bacteria in the gut to help your puppy resist common puppy upsets
  • Increased levels of protein, fat and B vitamins to fulfil the higher energy needs of athletic physique puppies, which naturally have a higher metabolism
  • Contains DHA (an Omega 3 fatty acid) naturally found in mother's milk, important for brain and vision development
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Purina Pro Plan Puppy Large Athletic Optistart with Chicken Dry Food is formulated to provide the specific protein, fat and vitamin B levels to fulfil the high energy levels needed by athletic puppies. This is a complete dry food for large breed puppies with an athletic physique (over 25kg at maturity).