Royal Canin VCN Senior Consult Stage 1 Balance Cat Dry

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Key Benefits

  • Formulated for cats without obviously signed of ageing.
  • Vitality Complex - A selection of nutrients which meets the nutritional needs of mature cats.
  • Helps maintain kidney function due to its moderate phosphorus content.
  • Selected proteins that contain branched chain amino acids for ageing muscle mass.
  • Enriched in brain supporting phosphatidylserine.
  • High Fibre - a combination of soluble fibres and insoluble fibres, help limit spontaneous consumption, therefore energy intake.
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Royal Canin Vet Care Nutrition Senior Consult Cat Stage 1 Balance Dry is a complete feed for adult cats over 7 years old, designed for cats without obvious signs of ageing with a tendancy to gain weight (ideally recommended during a Senior Consultation).