Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA 95ml Pump

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Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA 95ml Pump

Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA is a feed supplement which contains essential fatty acid supplement with natural antioxidants for dogs and cats. Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA improves the condition of the skin and coat and protects your pet from dry skin, dry coat, itching and scratching.

Essential fatty acids are nutrients which cannot be made in the body and have to be provided in the diet; they are essential for the formation of new cells and to keep the skin in good condition.

Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA uses the Borage oil GLA (gamma linolenic acid) essential fatty acid and is a balanced combination of plant and fish oils. This provides a very high level of biologically active GLA and is used as a dietary supplement to help skin conditions the skin in dogs and cats.

Key Features:

  • Helps promote and improve the skin and coat
  • Helps reduce problems such as dry skin, dry coat, hair loss, itching and scratching
  • Contains contains essential fatty acids to help formation of new cells and keeps the skin in good condition

Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA administration: 1 - 2 pumps per 10kg body weight daily. Each 95ml bottle approximately 150 pumps

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Viacutan Plus Liquid EFA 95ml Pump. For healthy skin and coat in dogs and cats. It helps improve the condition of the skin and coat and helps protect them from issues such as dry skin, itching and scratching.