Welpi Puppy Milk Replacer

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Welpi Puppy Milk Replacer is suitable for rearing puppies and orphaned ones from the first day onwards and can also be used as a feed supplement for large litters of puppies.

Fed during ill health and convalescence, Welpi will greatly assist in the return to normal health. It is highly palatable, easily digestible and can be mixed as a milk or sprinkled on the food as a nutritional supplement.

Fed daily throughout a dogs life, it will help digestion and prevent disorders through dietary deficiency. Also great for senior dogs!

Concentrated in powder form, it contains easily digested animal proteins - a source of energy from fat and carbohydrates - together with a suitable combination of minerals, trace elements and vitamins.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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Welpi Puppy Milk Replacer is the closest approximation to bitches milk. Suitable for hand rearing puppies from day one and can also be used as a feed supplement for large litters. Fed as a dietary supplement throughout pregnancy and lactation, milk formation is encouraged and general condition improved.