YuMEGA Boost (180 Scoop Pot)

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If your dog's coat is out of condition, they're moulting excessively or their claws are splitting then they could do with extra help to promote rapid hair growth and stronger nails. YuMEGA Boost provides vital nutrients which:

  • Boosts coat growth - Lecithin (a source of phospholipids and fatty acids) is essential for healthy coat growth and yeast (a natural source of vitamin B) supports growth and condition.
  • Promotes healthy skin - Zinc plays an important part in keeping skin in good condition and Vitamin C and E are important antioxidants to help maintain healthy skin.
  • Supports claw growth and strength - Biotin supports hair growth and is important for keratin formation. Mannan-oligosaccharides support healthy digestion meaning that your dog gets the best from their food for skin and coat health.

Works in partnership with YuMEGA oils

Read product information before use and use as directed.

It's important to give your dog time to get use to new things you introduce into their diet, so try using a small amount to begin with before moving up to the recommended amount for your dog.

Daily dose:

  • Small breeds (up to 10kg): 1 scoop daily
  • Medium breed (10 - 20kg): 2 scoops daily
  • Large breeds (20 - 30kg): 3 scoops daily
  • Very large breeds (Over 30kg): 4-5 scoops daily

How many days will a box last?

  • Small breeds (up to 10kg): 180 days
  • Medium breed (10 - 20kg): 90 days
  • Large breeds (20 - 30kg): 60 days
  • Very large breeds (Over 30kg): 36 - 45 days
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YuMEGA Boost is a great supplement for dogs and gives a nutritional boost for their coat and claws.