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ACP 10mg Tablets (Acepromazine Maleate)

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ACP (Acepromazine maleate) 10mg Tablets for dogs and cats are used for anaesthetic premedication, tranquilisation, sedation and travel sickness.

Anaesthetic premedication: Following acepromazine administration, the amount of anaesthetic dose necessary to induce anaesthesia is considerably reduced.  This reduction is approximately one-third of a suitable induction agent.

Tranquillisation: Acepromazine tranquillisation (ataraxy) involves a modification of temperament which is not associated with hypnosis, narcosis, or marked sedation.  This is achieved with low doses of acepromazine.

Sedation: At higher dose rates acepromazine is a sedative.

Travel Sickness: A dose of 1 mg per kg given orally a quarter to half an hour before a light meal is effective in the prevention of travel sickness.  Idiopathic vomiting may be controlled by acepromazine.


Do not use in pregnant animals 

Do not use on a long term basis in individual animals.

Read all product instructions carefully and use as directed by your vet.

ACP causes blood pressure to reduce (hypotension), so extra care should be taken before use in animals with low blood pressure.

Boxer dogs and other short-nosed dog breeds have an increased risk of fainting with ACP use. Large breed dogs are particularly sensitive to ACP so lowest possible doses should be used.

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For dogs and cats are used for anaesthetic premedication, tranquilisation, sedation and travel sickness.