Allerderm Spot on For Cats and Dogs

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Please read all product information before use

Allerderm Spot on will help restore the lipid layer by filling the gaps, which will help skin repair, reduce skin sensitivity and increase moisture and protection. Pets with skin diseases and disorders often require multiple products to keep them comfortable.

Please read all product information before use

Allerderm spot on is easy to use. Simply shake well before use, hold the pipette upright and twist off the pipette top. Part your pets hair until the skin is visible and simply place the pipette directly in contact with the skin, squeeze gently and apply the contents onto the skin.


  • Initial Dose: One (1) pipette per week for 4 weeks.
  • In severe cases, two to three (2 to 3) pipettes per week may be used, up to one pipette per day if necessary.

Maintenance Dose: To prevent relapses, and for skin and hair coat health maintenance, one (1) pipette per month.

For best results, apply after bathing your pet when the fur is completely dry.

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Allerderm Spot on is an easy to use topical product that is proven to help restore the epidermis in dogs and cats suffering from skin problems.