Ancol Dog Travel & Exercise Harness

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The Ancol Dog Travel & Exercise Harness is becoming increasingly popular in line with car safety regulations. It is important to restrain pets on the back seat for the safety of the pet and other passengers. Made from strong nylon webbing with lightweight nylon clips and padded chest support for extra comfort. The harness comes with a loop attachment to thread the seat belt through and so is suitable for any vehicle.

To ensure a correct fit simply measure the dogs girth or chest size as follows: measure from behind the front legs, around the chest and over the shoulders. Allow approximately 3cm for a comfortable fit.

Comes in three sizes:

  • Medium: 42cm - 66cm
  • Small: 37cm - 58cm
  • Large: 55cm - 87cm
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The Ancol Dog Travel & Exercise Harness is suitable for use in any vehicle to safely restrain your dog during travel.