Drontal Liquid Wormer for Puppies

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Do not use for pregnant or lactating bitches

Wash hands after use

Keep out of sight and reach of children

Avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes

In case of accidental spillage, wash the affected area immediately with clean running water.

Drontal Liquid Wormer for Puppies

Drontal Liquid Wormer for Puppies works fast to kill roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms, giving you peace of mind that you are helping keep your puppy and family away from internal parasites.

Key Benefits:

  • An effective puppy worming treatment for both the treatment and control of roundworms, hookworms and whipworms in puppies and young dogs up to one year of age
  • An easy-to-use liquid formulation with syringe for accurate dosing
  • Can be given any time – either with food or on an empty stomach
  • Vet strength puppy wormer, conveniently available without a prescription

Young puppies are highly susceptible to roundworm infections which can be transmitted via milk and puppies can be born with an infestation from exposure in their mother’s womb.

Intestinal worms steal valuable nutrients your puppy needs to grow and live a happy and healthy life. If left untreated, worms can lead to serious health complications for both puppies and people.

Worming your dog is easy with Drontal liquid wormer for puppies.

It is recommended treatment should be started from 2 weeks of age and be performed repeatedly once every two weeks until weaning. Thereafter you should ensure your puppy is on a regular treatment plan.

Ingredients: Each ml of suspension contains 5.0mg pyrantel (as pyrantel embonate 14.4mg) and 15mg febantel.

Sizes available: 50ml and 100ml.

For oral administration only

Can be given directly to the animal or mixed with the feed

Mix the product by inversion of the container before withdrawing the required dose.

Dosage guide: 1ml of suspension per kg of bodyweight

From Vetoquinol UK

Marketing Authorisation Number: Vm 08007/4166

Use medicines responsibly. Drontal Oral Suspension for Puppies contains febantel and pyrantel. NFA-VPS. Further information is available from the datasheet or Vetoquinol UK (uk_office@vetoquinol.com).

Animal registration required Like you, we care about the wellbeing of your pets. It is therefore essential to register them individually with Animed Direct so that our Registered Qualified Persons (RQPs) can ensure all prescribed and restricted products are being purchased for the correct species according to weight and size.
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Drontal Liquid Wormer for Puppies is a worming treatment that kills roundworms, whipworms and hookworms, for puppies from 2 weeks of age and weighing over 0.6kg. 

PLEASE NOTE: We can only dispense one year's worth of this product per one registered pet.