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Feliway Classic Refills for the Feliway Diffuser. Feliway is developed from the feline facial pheromone which gives cats a feeling of security in unfamiliar and stressful situations. It produces a scent that is odourless to human and other animals, but gives cats a feeling of peace and calm. It is the same scent that cat produces when it rubs their nose against an object.

It is highly effective in situations that your cat may find stressful such as:

  • Having guests in your home
  • Moving home
  • Stays in a cattery
  • A new baby
  • A new pet

Feliway Classic Diffuser Refills are available in single packs or 3 packs.

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Feliway Classic Refills for the Feliway Classic Diffuser. Available in single packs or packs of 3.

The Feliway Diffuser, releases a synthetic copy of the feline facial pheromone, that helps fear and stress related problems in cats often caused by changes in their environment.