Aniwell FiltaBac Antibacterial Sunblock Cream - 50g Tube

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Seek veterinary advice before using on cats.

How to use Aniwell FiltaBac Cream:

  1. Cover the visibly damaged skin area with a reasonably thick coating of FiltaBac Cream. This will naturally replace the lost skin.
  2. Re-apply FiltaBac Cream to the area for 2-3 days without removing the original cover.
  3. After this period, gently remove the FiltaBac Cream from the area by using warm water and a mild soap or dilute antiseptic solution.
  4. Pat or air-dry (do not rub) and re-cover with FiltaBac Cream.

Hair will re-grow naturally on the area.

NB: If suturing is likely to be delayed, a cover application of FiltaBac Cream will protect the integrity of the wound and FiltaBac Cream can remain in a wound that is sutured due to its non-reactive anti-bacterial qualities.

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