Frontline Homegard Household flea spray 400ml

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Frontline Homegard Household Flea Spray offers protection in your home for up to 12 months, killing adult fleas on contact and preventing the development of eggs and larvae. Frontline homegard household flea spray is an aerosol spray for use on surfaces such as carpets, wooden flooring, cracks and crevices, on animal bedding and soft upholstered furniture. It's not suitable for use on hard furnishings.

For full protection of your house and pet, use alongside a spot-on flea treatment for you pet such as Frontline Spot-On.


Treating a home flea infestation with Frontline:

  1. Treat all dogs and cats with Frontline Plus or Frontline Spot-On every 4 weeks for at least 3 consecutive months
  2. Wash all pet pedding at 60c
  3. Vacuum the whole house
  4. Remove all pets and children from the area
  5. Remove/cover fish tanks prior to treatment
  6. Spray the house with Frontline HomeGard, treating one room at a time. Don't forget to spray other places where your pet goes, e.g. car, garage etc.
  7. Do not re-enter treated areas for a minimum of 30 minutes post treatment
  8. Ensure all surfaces and fabrics are dry
  9. Ensure all treated areas are well ventilated by opening doors and windows
  10. Vacuum a second time to eliminate fleas which are encourage to emerge
  11. Continue to vacuum daily for 7-10 days
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Frontline Homegard is a household flea spray from the manufacturers of Frontline Spot On, giving year round protection against adult fleas, eggs and larvae.