Liquivite Liquid Food for Cats - With Chicken 400g

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Liquivite Liquid Food for Cats - With Chicken 400g

Liquivite liquid food is smooth enough for syringe feeding if necessary. 

For cats with chronic renal failure:

Liquivite liquid food is suitable for feeding to cats with chronic renal failure (CRF). Its high liquid content delivers the higher levels of hydration necessary for cats with kidney failure.

Liquivite has only a moderate level of phosphorus, a low level of protein relative to its water content and a higher level of fat to help deliver energy.

For kittens:

Liquivite makes an ideal weaning food, introducing meat into your kitten's diet but in a familiar liquid form, and therefore helping in the transition to solids.

Introduce from 4 weeks of age - see label for feeding directions.

For cats with poor appetite:

Liquivite helps in feeding cats which have a reduced appetite or may be fussy feeders. Being a soup, it offers variety, a change from the usual canned or dry foods. This can tempt the cat to eat when appetite is poor.

For maintaing liquid intake:

When a cat is seen not to drink very much, Liquivite offers a way of maintaining liquid intake. It may be more acceptable than water and therefore more readily taken.

Liquivite appeals to the older cat, who is not so easily able to eat solid foods. Elderly cats find Liquivite easier to eat than canned or dry foods. It can be fed either on its own, as a light meal and also mixed with dry foods, to make them easier to eat.

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Liquivite Liquid Food for Cats - With Chicken 400g. A canned liquid food, in the form of a creamy chicken soup, Liquivite both feeds and rehydrates the sick, convalescent, post-operative or anorexic cat. Smooth enough for syringe feeding.