; Protexin Fibreplex Paste for Rabbits 15ml

Protexin Fibreplex Paste for Rabbits 15ml

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Protexin Fibreplex Paste for Rabbits comes in an easy to use 15ml syringe. Protexin Fibreplex Paste contains probiotics to restore the beneficial microorganisms and Preplex - a prebiotic to stimulate the growth of the good bacteria.

It is vital for rabbit's guts to keep moving as they can sometimes slow down when the rabbit is stressed and/or there is too little fibre in the diet. A slow gut can become a favourable environment for bad bacteria to multiply.

Rabbits can also benefit from Fibreplex if they have a severely reduced appetite, are on a course of antibiotics or have recently had a trauma (such as an operation or injury).

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use.

Usage: Give 1 ml per kg of body weight, 3 times a day for 2 days or as long as considered necessary by your vet.

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Protexin Fibreplex Paste is a carrot flavoured high fibre paste that is quick to work, delivering a concentrated dose of fibre to help return movement to your rabbit's gut.