Purina Pro Plan Adult Dog All Sizes Performance with Chicken Dry 14kg

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Optipower is a key part of this active dog food and will help increase endurance, support rapid muscle recovery and joint health. Other key benefits of this food include:

  • Promotes increases endurance for highly active and working dogs, thanks to high protein and fat levels
  • Specially formulated to aid rapid muscle recovery
  • Contains a combination of key nutrients that help support healthy joints to keep your dog healthy
  • Contains high quality pieces of chicken
  • Contains Omega-3 fatty acids which help support natural anti-inflammatory processes
  • Also suitable for gestating and lactating female dogs to help nourish strong puppies

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Purina Pro Plan Dog Adult Performance is a dry dog food containing Optipower, a specially formulated blend of nutrients designed to increase your dog's endurance and to aid rapid recovery.