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Vet Aquadent Fr3sh (previously Vet Aquadent) is a water additive that can help fight bad breath in your dog or cat.

Key benefits:

  • With Fr3sh technology to fight bad breath
  • An easy-to-administer liquid solution to be diluted in pet’s water
  • Targets the cause of bad breath by addressing causes of bad breath, freshening breath with cooling action and supporting healthy digestion
  • Palatable – accepted by both cats and dogs.

Active ingredients:

Pomegranate – cleanses and helps prevent dental plaque formation

Inulin – Balances the intestinal microflora and reduced foul smelling intestinal gas emission

Erythritol – Freshens breath with a cooling effect and provides an anti-plaque effect.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use

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A water additive that can help fight bad breath in your dog or cat (previously Vet Aquadent).