Vetbed Gold and White Antibacterial Bedding

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Like the original Vetbed, Vetbed Gold and White Antibacterial Bedding is washable, but it also has a safe, odourless, non-toxic agent that is slowly released throughout the lifetime of the bed, ensuring a longer, fresher life for your pet's bedding.

By preventing the decay of dead skin it inhibits dust mites and is therefore ideal for animals who are dust mite sensitive or who suffer with allergies or asthma.

It stops the development of bacteria and reduces the spread of infection, whilst also protecting against mildew and mould that can cause smells and degeneration.

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Vetbed Gold and White Antibacterial Bedding is an antibacterial bedding for cats and dogs. It has an even thicker pile than Vetbed Original making it an even more luxurious choice of bedding, keeping animals warm and cosy.