YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care - Itching Dog

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YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care - Itching Dog

YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care - Itching Dog, previously YuDERM Itching Dog, is a premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy or with sensitive skin.

The right blend of Omega 3 and 6 oil helps stop the urge to scratch, calms and soothes, and nourishes the skin from within. The premium cold-pressed oils are recommended by vets to soothe itches and calm sensitive skin.

Key Features:

  • Developed for dogs with sensitive or itchy skin
  • Helps to reduce the urge to scratch
  • Calms and soothes with the right blend of Omega-3 oils
  • Nourishes skin from within


  • Enriched Omega 3: Cold-pressed Salmon oil helps to calm and soothe sensitive skin. The finest 100% Salmon Oil from the crystal clear fjords of Norway. From fishing boat to bottle-ready oil, it takes less than an hour to process our finest quality Salmon oil, so you can be sure your dog’s getting the freshest, most effective skin-soothing goodness
  • Omega 3 oils from Golden Flax seed: Helps to support and strengthen your dog's hair follicles to help them keep hold of their hair for longer. This improves your dog’s coat condition and reduces moulting
  • Omega 6: YuDERM Itching Dog is rich in Omega 6, a key component of the skin's moisture barrier which helps protect the skin from irritants and nourishes soft and supple skin. Meanwhile, added natural Vitamin E from plant sources supports the skin's natural defences.

Now available in a convenient pump bottle for easy administration - just pump it onto your dog’s food and see the difference in as little as 4-6 weeks.


Place thumbs either side of the tamper-proof clip to open and dispose of clip. Pump suggested amount onto food and mix.

Each pump provides an average of 2ml. Do not exceed more than twice the daily recommendation.

It's important to give your dog time to adjust to new additions to their diet. For the first week, try using half the recommended amount of pumps, or one pump every other day if less than 5kg, before moving up to the suggested amount.


Extra Small Dog (up to 5kg) - 1 pump
Small Dog (5-10kg) - 2 pumps
Medium Dog (11kg - 20kg) - 3 pumps
Large Dog (21kg - 30kg) - 4 pumps
Very Large Dog (31- 40kg) - 5 pumps
Extra Large Dog (over 40kg) - 6-8 pumps

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YuMOVE Skin & Coat Care - Itching Dog. A premium quality supplement for dogs prone to feeling itchy or with sensitive skin.