Pet Heat Pad - Electric

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The Pet Heat Pad is particularly popular to provide extra heat for new born pets or ideal for animals suffering from skin or coat problems that have lost their natural furry insulation.

This pad is durable and reliable and easy to wipe clean. The low voltage makes it cheap to run so it can be left on constantly, and the lead has a special connecter midway along its length so that it can pass through the bars of a cage or enclosure.

Rolls up for ease of storage when not in use. Should be used under bedding or towels. Always provide an alternative unheated area so that animals can move away from a heat source if they feel they are overheating. When used for immobilised animals, frequent checks must be made to ensure heat does not become excessive.


  • 12 v AC Adaptor
  • Only 15 W so cheap to run
  • 42cm x 38cm (16.5" x 15")
  • Maintains optimum temperature 30-35 c
  • Safe to leave on constantly
  • Generous 2.7m of cable
  • Cable can be disconnected to feed through basket

Suitable for use in whelping baskets, recovery cages and pet beds.

Colour: Blue

Please note: that these heat pads are not warm to the touch and so may be thought of as faulty. The best way to test if they are working correctly is to roll up tightly and place a band around and wait for 5-10 minutes to see if it warms up, or sit on them and switch on.


Ideal for all mammals, young and old, this top quality heat mat maintains an optimum temperature of 30-35 degrees celsius and is safe to leave on constantly. It was originally developed in association with the British Small Animal Veterinary Association for use during recovery from surgery. It is now available for pet owners as a great localised heat source for your dog, cat or small animal.