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Top Tips for Novice Horse Riders

If you’re new to horse riding, it may take you a whole to get to grips with how to ride correctly. Beginners can often find themselves making key mistakes, especially with their riding style, and this can make it harder to make progress. Here are some of our top tips for new horse riders! Use Read More

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Crufts: Who Won and What Stood Out?

If you didn’t catch much of Crufts this year, you missed some real gems! In this post, we’ve rounded up some of the dogs that impressed us with their skills Read More

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Are Flats Suitable Homes for Cats and Dogs?

Living in a flat without a garden does not have to mean that you can’t have a pet. If you take the correct steps to ensure that both you and your pet are safe and content, there is nothing to stop you from enjoying the benefits of pet ownership. Here are some tips on how Read More

Pyometra in dogs

Pyometra in dogs What is it? Pyometra is the name given to a potentially life-threatening infection of the uterus that can affect female dogs that haven’t been spayed.  It is most commonly seen in older female unspayed (entire) dogs, but can happen even in younger dogs. Pyometra only affects female dogs. What causes it? Each Read More

Symptoms of Osteoarthritis in Dogs

As many as 1 in 5 dogs are thought to develop osteoarthritis during their lifetime. This painful condition is unfortunately degenerative and is therefore likely to get worse over time. It is more common amongst older dogs but can also affect younger animals too. The symptoms of osteoarthritis are not always as obvious as you Read More

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