How to keep your cat & dog calm during fireworks

  Fireworks, whether on Bonfire Night, at a party, or on New Year’s Eve are fun for us, but not always as much fun for our pets and can cause them to feel anxiety and fear. Recent 2019 stat’s from the PDSA PAW Report show that 23% of UK dog owners want to reduce stress Read More

How to build a den for your pet

Fireworks season is just around the corner which can often mean one thing for our fury-friends; Fear. Bright lights, loud noises and large groups of people can all be triggers of anxiety and stress for our pets. We touched upon how you can plan, prepare and protect in our ‘How to keep your cat and Read More

Top calming products for pets

  There’s a range of calming products which are designed to help your pet cope better with stress, whether it’s holidays, kennel/cattery stays, trips to the vets, new additions to the household or of course, Fireworks and party season. “I’m not drugging my pet!” is sometimes a thought people might have had when they hear Read More

Top 10 Flea Treatment Tips

Whether you are the proud owner of a cat or a dog, it is important that you do your best to keep your pet flea-free. Not only can fleas be irritating for your pet, the itchiness and irritation that they cause can also lead to other problems and infections. Treating your pet for fleas doesn’t Read More

Animed Direct’s Favourites: Top 10 UK Pet Influencers

Influencers have well and truly become part of our lives. From product reviews, style advice and makeup tips to DIY advice, home decor tips and computer game walkthroughs, there’s an influencer for everything – including pets! Yes, Instagram has turned our furry friends into celebrities, and here at Animed Direct we couldn’t be happier about Read More

Spotting The Signs of Feline Heatstroke

Though cats tend to be better than dogs at regulating their own body temperatures, when the heat of the summer strikes it is important that you keep an eye out for the signs of heatstroke in your cat. Being aware of the signs of feline heatstroke (hyperthermia) means that you can act fast when it Read More

Top 10 tips on keeping pets cool this summer

When the British summer finally arrives, just think of our furry friends and how hard it must be for them to cope with the extreme heat, especially now when weather changes by more than 10 degrees overnight! There’s no time for our pets to acclimatise gradually to temperature changes any more. We’ve put together our Read More

How to Choose the Right Cattery or Kennels

Leaving your cat or dog behind while you go on holiday can be a distressing idea for many pet owners. However, you can make the situation less distressing by booking your pet into a cattery or boarding kennel that you can trust to look after your pet. Not all catteries and kennels are the same, Read More

Flea and Tick prevention for Puppies and Kittens

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting time, but, if you’ve never been a pet owner before, knowing when you should start preventative care such as flea and tick protection can be confusing. Understanding Fleas & Ticks It’s all down to understanding where fleas live, how fleas breed and how Read More

Why dental care for cats is important – Jasper’s story

When your pet is diagnosed with a serious health condition it can be a shock and a worrying time.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by deciding what tests to run, what type of treatments to use or how to manage costs of medication.  To understand the impact a health condition can have, we asked a pet Read More