How to build a den for your pet

Fireworks season is just around the corner which can often mean one thing for our fury-friends; Fear. Bright lights, loud noises and large groups of people can all be triggers of anxiety and stress for our pets. We touched upon how you can plan, prepare and protect in our ‘How to keep your cat and Read More

How to keep your cat & dog calm during fireworks

  Fireworks, whether on Bonfire Night, at a party, or on New Year’s Eve are fun for us, but not always as much fun for our pets and can cause them to feel anxiety and fear. Recent 2019 stat’s from the PDSA PAW Report show that 23% of UK dog owners want to reduce stress Read More

Top calming products for pets

There’s a range of calming products which are designed to help your pet cope better with stress, whether it’s holidays, kennel/cattery stays, trips to the vets, new additions to the household or of course, Fireworks and party season. Understanding the differences between the products and the active calming ingredient can help you make the best Read More

Why are cats fussy eaters?

Many cats are surprisingly picky about their diet. With only 470 taste buds compared to a human’s 9,000 a cats’ sense of taste in food is very selective.* So you may find your cat will turn their nose up at food that doesn’t tantalise their taste buds or lacks nutrition. It can be stressful if your Read More

Pet supplements for dogs and cats

Pet supplements can be given long-term to support a range of health conditions or as temporary assistance. They can help in a variety of ways, such as helping to offset the effects of some drugs, cut down on upset tummies or allergic responses, manage some seasonal itching or support the effects of ageing. NOTE: We recommend Read More

Top Tips for New Kitten Owners

If you’re planning to bring home a new kitten, the first few days and weeks after their arrival can make a lot of difference to how well they settle into the home and family. Our top tips should help your little one feel part of the family in no time! Bringing home your new kitten Read More

Top 10 tips for keeping your pets cool this summer

Spending time outside in the sun with friends and family is why we love the British summer, but whilst we enjoy the bbqs and beach trips, our furry companions may find it hard to cope with the extreme heat and potentially go on to suffer from heatstroke. We’ve put together our Top 10 tips to Read More

Tips to encourage your cat to drink more water

Although cats are able to survive on less water than dogs they are still prone to dehydration, especially as the temperature rises over the summer.  If your cat doesn’t drink enough during the day, it can lead to common health issues such as constipation, lower urinary tract disease and urinary blockages. It is particularly important Read More

Flea and Tick prevention for Puppies and Kittens

Welcoming a new puppy or kitten into your home is an exciting time, but, if you’ve never been a pet owner before, knowing when you should start preventative care such as flea and tick protection can be confusing. Understanding Fleas & Ticks It’s all down to understanding where fleas live, how fleas breed and how Read More

Common ear and eye problems in cats and dogs

Pets can experience problems with their ears or eyes throughout their lifetime. Some are common ailments that may happen frequently, others less so and could be indicative of underlying conditions. Here are some of the signs you need to look out for which may require a visit to your vet for advice. How can you tell if your Read More