How to introduce new food to your pet

If your dog or cat loves to eat then introducing new food should be easy, but, even if your pet will eat anything, it’s important you switch the food over gradually. There’s a one-week transition approach you should implement which is designed to prevent stomach upsets and deal with selective eaters too. Days 1 and 2 – give Read More

Your guide to life stage nutrition for cats & dogs

  How often do we really re-evaluate what food and nutrition we’re giving our cats and dogs? Depending on your pet’s species, breed and size, your faithful companion could be with you for up to 18 years, even longer with cats. During this time their bodies will change, their energy levels will alter and just Read More

Reducing Anxiety for your Pets at Christmas

Christmas can be a busy time,  and although we can’t see as many friends and family members this year, there is still a lot to organise and your normal routine can be disrupted. To make sure your pet stays calm throughout the festive season, we’ve put together some handy tips: Keeping their routine Christmas can Read More

Animed Direct donates food to local animal charities

We understand this year has been tough and due to the restrictions and lockdowns local charities have struggled to stay open and operate. As animal lovers, we wanted to support more local animal charities by donating food. Working alongside Blue Cross Suffolk Rehoming Centre and a local volunteer, Georgina, we were able to donate food Read More

Cats and Christmas Trees: How to Avoid Glitter Ball Disasters!

Christmas trees can be a particular problem if you’re a cat owner. Cat’s are naturally intrigued by anything new, especially a mischievous and curious kitty, they will see a fully decked out Christmas tree as one big shiny temptation! Potential Problems If your cat can’t resist your Christmas tree, it could lead to a few Read More

The Animed Direct Top 10 Christmas Gifts

For most of us, our pets are a big part of the family and this often means they’ll be treated to a few Christmas gifts. Here are our top 10 gifts for 2020: Inspiration for Dogs Good Boy Snowman Gift Box for Dogs The ultimate selection of Christmas goodies, based on the much-loved Christmas sequel, Read More

MiPet Cover – offering you a helping paw with veterinary fees.

  Let’s get #morepetsinsured MiPet Cover pet insurance is on a mission. They want to see more of the UK’s pets insured. According to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) 2020 pet insurance research, they reported that only 25% of dogs and 13% of cats currently have a pet insurance policy in place in case Read More

Tips to Stop Cats From Scratching

Cat scratching is an essential and natural need for your cat, but you obviously do not want them scratching items in your home. Cats need to scratch to stretch their back, legs and paws, file/sharpen/clean their claws to keep them in the best shape, as a form of exercise and they also use it as Read More

Tension and Conflict in the home

If your home has frequent tensions between your cats, it’s important to do your best to stop it, for your cat’s health as well as you, this is a process that may require patience. Why do cats sometimes struggle to get along? Cats are naturally solitary animals and can be territorial. The fighting may occur Read More

Why is my cat stressed?

Cats can be very sensitive creatures and may often become anxious or worried by things in their environment or by the way people interact with them. Your cat experiences stress as a natural response to avoid harm or an immediate threat, it’s an acute stress response that releases the fight or flight response. The fear Read More