Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes

  How often you will need to clean your pet’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas this will only happen to other breeds if they become ill or contract an eye infection. Should I clean my dog’s eyes? As mentioned, many dog Read More

How to create a cat-friendly garden

Now spring is finally here, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and start preparing for the summer days.  But, before you start planting new flowers and planning your barbecues, have you thought about your cat?  Most cats will enjoy spending time in the garden with you, but some will happily venture Read More

Our guide to Indoor Cats

  There’s no definitive evidence as to whether it’s better to let your cat have freedom to go outside or to keep him or her confined indoors. However, there is a risk of depression, anxiety, lethargy and destructive behaviour if they do not adapt well to living solely indoors. You should always make sure your Read More

What Diseases Can I Catch From My Cat?

Some diseases can be transmitted from cats to humans. Here are some of the diseases that you could potentially catch from your cat. Ringworm Ringworm is a highly contagious condition that can be picked up from your pets. The spores can survive without a host. In pets, you might notice skin lesions and patchy hair Read More

Common Cat Diseases and How to Know If Your Cat Has Them

As with humans, there are many conditions that can be developed in cats. These can potentially be serious in nature, especially if left untreated. Here, we look at some of the most common cat diseases and how to know whether your pet may be displaying symptoms of them. Kidney Disease This disease often comes on Read More

How to Brush Your Cat’s Teeth

Do you brush your cat’s teeth? If not, this is definitely something that you should consider doing a regular basis. Cats can be affected by gum disease, which could have knock-on effects for general health. Here are our tips for improving your cat’s oral health. Cats and Gum Disease Neither wet nor dry food is Read More

Separation Anxiety in Cats

Many cats suffer from separation anxiety at some point in their lives, especially indoor cats with a strong bond to their owners. It’s thought that some cats are more likely to suffer from separation anxiety, especially those that are prone to anxiety genetically. For example, Siamese and Burmese breeds are believed to have a greater Read More

Don’t Give Your Pets Chocolate for Valentines

If you are going to be indulging in chocolate treats for Valentine’s Day this year, don’t extend this to your pets. Chocolate is one of the foods that should never be given to pets due to the health problems that it can cause. Here’s why you should avoid chocolate treats, plus some ideas for alternative Read More

Grooming Tips for Your Cat

Whether your cat is a longhair or a shorthair breed, he or she will benefit from a regular grooming routine. Unsurprisingly, longhair breeds need more substantial grooming to maintain a sleek appearance and to prevent their coat from matting, which could otherwise prove uncomfortable for your cat. While shorthair cats are less high maintenance in Read More

Things That Are Poisonous for Your Cat

Some of the things that can prove poisonous to your pet may be obvious (such as medicines designed for humans) but others could be more of a surprise. Here are some of the things that could be toxic for your cat if they are ingested.  Antifreeze If you are going to be using antifreeze on Read More