Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes

How often you will need to spend time cleaning your pet’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas this will only happen to other breeds if they become ill or contract an eye infection. Should I clean my dog’s eyes? As mentioned, many Read More

Common skin conditions in cats and dogs

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s important for your pet’s health. It regulates your pet’s temperature and provides a barrier against the environment. Common skin problems, such as infections, start to occur when there are disruptions to the skin barrier, allowing bacteria or yeasts to multiply and irritate the skin. There are Read More

How to create a cat friendly garden

Now spring is finally here, it’s the perfect time to get out in the garden and start preparing for the summer days.  But, before you start planting new flowers and planning your barbecues, have you thought about your cat?  Most cats will enjoy spending time in the garden with you, but some will happily venture Read More

5 FAQ’s about active ingredients in flea treatments

Flea Treatment Ingredients There are so many flea treatments, but are they all the same? Why are some available over the counter or online, yet others require a prescription or pet registration? We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about active ingredients in flea treatments and explain how they protect your pet. What Read More

How to spot signs of kidney disease in cats

How to spot signs of kidney disease in cats Luckily for us, most cats enjoy a long and happy life, with some cats reaching the age of 20 years old (That’s 96 in human years!) How long a cat can live for often depends on their diet, healthcare and environment. Unfortunately, as with humans, living Read More

Top dental care tips for cats and dogs

                              Did you know that adult dogs have 42 teeth and adult cats have 30? That’s a lot of gnashers to keep clean! Making sure your pet has good dental hygiene is important as neglected teeth can cause gum related diseases later in life.   We take a look at the top dental care tips for Read More

Does my cat have Cystitis?

Cystitis in cats, also known as FIC (Feline Idiopathic Cystitis) affects a cat’s bladder and urinary tract. It is a common issue for cats and unfortunately a condition that can come back from time to time, normally when your cat is stressed. Cystitis can be extremely uncomfortable for your cat but there are things you Read More

Our guide to Indoor Cats

  There’s no definitive evidence as to whether it’s better to let your cat have freedom to go outside or to keep him or her confined indoors. However, there is a risk of depression, anxiety, lethargy and destructive behaviour if they do not adapt well to living solely indoors. You should always make sure your Read More

What Diseases Can I Catch From My Cat?

Some diseases can be transmitted from cats to humans. Here are some of the diseases that you could potentially catch from your cat. Ringworm Ringworm is a highly contagious condition that can be picked up from your pets. The spores can survive without a host. In pets, you might notice skin lesions and patchy hair Read More

Common Cat Diseases and How to Know If Your Cat Has Them

As with humans, there are many conditions that can be developed in cats. These can potentially be serious in nature, especially if left untreated. Here, we look at some of the most common cat diseases and how to know whether your pet may be displaying symptoms of them. Kidney Disease This disease often comes on Read More