Adopting An Older Dog Versus Buying A Puppy

Adopting an Older Dog Versus Buying a New PuppyAre you thinking about owning a dog in the near future? Many people only look to buy a puppy but there are some definite advantages to adopting through a rescue centre. Here, we look at the pros and cons of both situations.

Adopting an Older Dog

By rehoming an adult dog, you are offering another chance to a dog who is in desperate need of a loving home. The most common reasons for ending up in a shelter or rescue centre are nothing to do with the animals themselves – lack of money, time and space, allergies and moving to places that are not pet-friendly are prominent factors.

Adult dogs will usually already have their personalities in place, although rescue dogs can sometimes take longer to fully show theirs. Some adopted dogs can be timid to begin with, especially if they had previously been ill treated. This can make some people reluctant to take on a rehomed dog but there is no reason why a rescue dog cannot become just as attached to you as an enthusiastic new puppy.

Adopting Usually Results in Less Training

Puppies are undoubtedly cute but they do require a lot of commitment. Training a new puppy means a lot of attention and supervision to be fully house trained, whereas even a slightly older dog will usually have been toilet training and given at least some behavioural training before they are rehomed. Adult dogs can therefore be a better option for those who do not have enough time to train a puppy from scratch.

Adopting Can Be Less Challenging

Buying a pedigree or specific breed puppy requires you to find a reputable breeder that you can be sure is not a “backyard breeder” from a puppy farm. The Kennel Club has a list of recommended pedigree breeders, which can be used as a starting point. Dog shows and owners of pedigree dogs can also be used for gaining recommendations. It can be challenging to make sure that you are buying from a reputable breeder.

Adopting a dog obviously still requires you to do some groundwork to find the right pet for your circumstances but it is usually less stressful compared to buying a specific puppy breed. Dogs from rehoming centres and animal shelters should have had a full medical check-up, vaccinations and microchipping giving you a few less things to worry about.

Are you a dog owner? Did you buy your pet as a puppy or adopt them as an adult dog? We’d love to hear about your experiences and get your thoughts on both in the comments section below!

[Photo Credits: ebwyse]