Help Your Dog Through Fireworks Night

how to help your pet on fireworks night

how to help your dog on fireworks night

80% of pets suffer with firework fear and anxiety.  If ignored or not dealt with correctly, firework fear can develop into noise phobia where pets react excessively to noises that we experience in our day to day lives such as slamming doors or items falling on the floor.

There are a number of steps that can be taken to help calm and reassure your pet and minimise the stress and anxiety many dogs suffer as a result of fireworks.

Create A Den

Providing a place for your dog to retreat such as a den where your dog can seek during fireworks is an excellent way to help your pet.  Ideally the den should be built in advance of the fireworks approximately one month ahead of time.  The idea of a den is to protect you dog from the loud noises and flashes associated with fireworks.  Associating the den with positive experiences is important, reward your dog whilst they are in the den with treats and their favourite toy.

The den can be made from any material so long as it is safe and comfortable.  Owners can build a den with a cardboard box and a blanket or even make a safe haven in between two chairs with a sheet draped over.  Many dogs are used to sleeping in crates and if this is the case a towel or blanket could be used to cover the crate.

Dogs normally have a place where they prefer to hide, normally where there are people.  The location of the den should be somewhere that provides comfort and security.  By plugging an Adaptil™ Diffuser near the den and/or by spraying the inside of the den with Adaptil™ spray, dogs can feel safer.

Calming Treatment

If you are unable to build a den for your dog, an Adaptil™ diffuser plugged in two weeks prior to the event will provide support during fireworks and last up to four weeks.  An Adaptil™ collar can be used in addition to the diffuser if the dog is likely to be out of the house.  For last minute preparations the Adaptil™ spray can be applied.

Around the home, doors and windows should be closed and curtains drawn to reduce the noise and light from the fireworks.  Playing music or having the TV on will help drown out the noise from fireworks although it is important not to have the music or TV too loud or you could just replicate the effect of the fireworks!

Behave in the Right Way

Your behaviour is crucial, acting normally is paramount during fireworks and will help your dog feel less anxious.  Do not leave your dog alone while fireworks are going off as they may injure themselves trying to escape the noise.  If your dog hides under the bed or in a corner of a room, leave it alone until it feels safe to come out.

Your dog should not be comforted during fireworks nor should it be ignored when it displays fearful behaviour.  Punishing a fearful dog will only reinforce that there is something to be scared of.  Try not to fuss over your dog if it appears to be frightened, this reaction will only encourage and reward this behaviour.

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