Dog obesity – 5 ways to combat it

Dog Obesity 5 Ways To Combat It

As dog owners, we love to treat our pets.

However, the problem of dog obesity is an ever-worrying issue and if your dog is overweight, this is likely to place undue stress on their heart and potentially cause other serious life-shortening illnesses.  

As with people, pets tend to put on weight as they age, moving less and burning fewer calories and sometimes the weight-gain is so gradual, it’s hard to notice.

We need to become more aware about what we are feeding our pets and begin to take active steps to combat obesity in dogs.

Here are five ways that you could combat dog obesity for your own pet.

1.Increase their exercise

Just like humans, dogs will gain weight if the number of calories they eat outweigh the number of calories they burn.

This means that it is important that your dog is at least burning off the excess calories they eat in order to prevent weight gain.

This doesn’t necessarily mean taking your dog for walks that last for hours; you can also help them to get exercise by playing games with them and by allowing them to run around in your secured garden.

2.Monitor their food intake

Even if you weigh your dog’s meals to ensure that they are getting the correct amount of food, it is important to monitor and account for any other food that they may eat throughout the day- especially as it is often the treats and scraps they are fed which are higher in fat and calories.

This may be difficult- especially if your dog is used to getting the dinner leftovers, or a treat at the end of every walk, but is likely to make a big difference.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t give your dog a treat every now and again, but make sure you are aware of when you give them, and try to give them only when they have really been earned.

3.Choose diet-specific food

Your dog’s everyday food could in fact, be a contributing factor to their weight problem.

It is important that you are feeding your dog a food specifically formulated for their age and breed.

If you have a working dog, they will also require more energy-rich food, so you should choose a formula that will provide for these needs.

Your vet will be able to advise you of suitable types of food for your dog.

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4.Rule out any health issues

It is important that you visit your vet regularly to ensure that your dog doesn’t have any underlying health problems that could explain their weight gain.

Your vet will be able to provide you with medication to control the condition, or provide you with specific dietary advice for your dog’s condition.

5.Be aware

It is often simply a lack of owner awareness that results in dogs gaining weight. This could be a lack of awareness as to the healthy weight range of your breed, as well as how much food they should be eating and how much exercise they should get each week.

Do your research and stay on top of recent advice in order to help keep your dog at a healthy weight.

If you have any concerns about your pet’s weight you should seek veterinary advice as soon as possible as it could be a sign, or even trigger, of further health problems.

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