Top Tips for Travelling With Dogs

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Taking your dog with you on your summer holiday is a great idea, but, travelling with dogs can be a task and especially in hot weather.

Top Tips for Travelling With Dogs

Weather, road conditions and unexpected traffic delays can cause dogs and owners to become easily agitated and stressed. However, with the right preparation and planning, travelling with your dog can be made a lot easier. 

These top tips for travelling with your dogs in summer should help to reduce the stress!

Keep Your Dog Secure

A lot of the stress that dogs experience when travelling comes as a result of feeling unsafe in their surroundings. To avoid this, you should give your dog a secure travel space, such as a carrier or crate and ensure that they are familiarised with this space before the journey. If your dog is uncomfortable in a carrier, there are also harnesses and pet seatbelts that will stop them from moving around in the car.  It is important that the carrier and harness is safely secured in the car to keep your pet safe and reduce the risk of the driver becoming distracted. 

Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks to walk your dog in the fresh air can make travelling with them easier as it can help to reduce restlessness. During your breaks you should also provide your dog with something to drink, as this will help them to stay hydrated and regulate their body temperature in a warm car.

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Keep The Car Ventilated

A hot car is unpleasant for humans who have the ability to adjust clothing layers, so an overly warm car can be unbearable for dogs that are unable to remove their fur. This means it is important to keep fresh air flowing throughout the car for the entirety of the journey. However, you should not allow your dog to put their head out of the window, especially when travelling at speed, as this could lead to injury. 

Exercise Your Dog Before The Journey

Ensuring that your dog is well-exercised before the journey can help them to release any excess energy, meaning they are more likely to sleep during the journey as they will be more relaxed. You should aim to do this in enough time before the journey to allow your dog to cool down before getting in the car.

Provide Your Dog With Entertainment

As you might with a young child, bringing toys to distract and entertain your pet on the journey can help to make it run smoother. Chew toys and other toys that require concentration can help to keep your pet calm as they are distracted from the fact they are travelling and will likely help to reduce restlessness.

Stay Calm

Even though you may be stressed, it is important to try to stay calm when travelling with your dog, avoiding any sudden outbursts of noise that may cause distress. Any stress or anger you show will affect your dog’s mood in the car.

Of course no one can ever be fully prepared for what may arise when travelling with a pet, but preparing yourself and remaining calm will help to reduce any possible mishaps.