Is my pet at risk from the Coronavirus?

We recognise that there are questions around animal transmission of Coronavirus Covid19. The World Organisation for Animal Health states that “The current spread of COVID19 is as a result of human to human transmission.  To date, there is no evidence that companion animals can spread the disease”. However, we should all be following the Government’s advice on Read More

How to Make an Anxious Cat More Confident

Cat anxiety can be difficult as it is often confused with unfriendliness and aggression. Hiding, hissing and scratching may actually be signs that your cat is trying to protect itself out of fear, rather than pushing you away out of spite. Not only will increasing your cat’s confidence make them more predictable around new people, Read More

Do I need to worm my indoor cat?

  Even if your cat doesn’t go outside, there’s still a chance it can ingest or inhale worm eggs from other members of the household that come and go. Microscopic worm eggs can lay dormant for months, and can be picked up through a number of different scenarios, which is one reason why it’s important Read More

Arthritis in Pets – How to Manage It

If your pet has been diagnosed with arthritis, you’ll no doubt want to know how you can make life easier for them and ease some of their discomfort. You may have already agreed a treatment plan with you vet, but there are also some changes that you can do to your home and your pet’s Read More

Breed Spotlight: Meet the Labrador

Our breed spotlight series begins with the Labrador Retriever, recently voted the nation’s favourite dog breed. Originating from the coastal regions of Newfoundland, the Labrador Retriever was bred to be both a friendly companion and a working dog, helping fisherman retrieve nets and lost lines. Today, the breed is still as loyal and hardworking and Read More

Top dental care tips for cats and dogs

                              We all know the pain and discomfort felt when we have a sore tooth, imagine not being able to do anything about it or have it linger over the course of a few weeks or even months! Cats and dogs are as susceptible to dental infections as we are and with adult dogs having Read More

Our guide to Indoor Cats

  There’s no definitive evidence as to whether it’s better to let your cat have freedom to go outside or to keep him or her confined indoors. However, there is a risk of depression, anxiety, lethargy and destructive behaviour if they do not adapt well to living solely indoors. You should always make sure your Read More

Cleaning Your Pet’s Eyes

  How often you will need to clean your pet’s eyes will largely depend on their breed. Some breeds are more likely to be affected by eye discharge, whereas this will only happen to other breeds if they become ill or contract an eye infection. Should I clean my dog’s eyes? As mentioned, many dog Read More

Dog friendly walks in the UK

January is officially Walk Your Dog Month, and to celebrate we’re sharing some of our favourite dog friendly walks in the UK.  These locations are sure to dust off post-Christmas blues and inspire you to get out and about with your dog. Haysden Country Park (Kent) Located to the west of Tonbridge, this scenic spot Read More

How do you know if your pet is overweight?

Pet obesity is still a growing concern for vets and pet parents across the UK. It’s estimated that 65% of dogs and 39% of cats in the UK are either overweight or obese*. This indicates there is still some work to be done in raising awareness of a healthy body shape. So how do you Read More