World Animal Day – How Can You Help to Raise Money for Animal Welfare Across the World?

It’s World Animal Day on October 4th, and this is a big date for your diary if you’re interested in animal welfare and are looking for an opportunity to do your bit for animals around the world. Perhaps you’d like to raise awareness of an animal welfare issue that is close to you heart? Or Read More

Why Rabbits Shouldn’t Eat “Rabbit Food”

Did you know that what we often refer to as “rabbit food” is actually something of a myth? Rabbits can eat carrots and some types of lettuce but these food items shouldn’t form a large part of their diet as they can lead to health issues. This can be confusing for new rabbit owners who Read More

The Importance of Vaccination

When you first get a new cat, dog or rabbit, having them vaccinated is one of the first things that you’re advised to do. There’s good reason for this as it protects them against a number of dangerous and potentially fatal conditions. Some of these can even be passed onto humans. Read on to find Read More

Rabbit Awareness Week 2016

From 18th to 26th June 2016, it’s Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) in the UK. If you’re not already aware of this campaign, it happens every year and was created by Burgess Pet Care. They now team up with their partner, MSD Animal Health and various pet charities including RSPCA, PDSA, The Blue Cross and Rabbit Read More

Pet Cold Weather Tips

Cold weather can be hard on our pets and there are some extra considerations that you will need to be aware of to keep them safe, happy and healthy. Here are our tips for looking out for and taking care of cats, dogs and small animals when the weather is cold. Dogs and Cold Weather Read More

Why the gift of a pet at Christmas is a bad idea

If your child asks for a pet this Christmas, think carefully about whether you really have the time and money to take on such a long term commitment. Thousands of pets are unfortunately and cruelly abandoned in the months after Christmas, often due to the fact that their owners had not fully anticipated what would Read More

Do Ferrets Make Good Pets?

A ferret may not be the most obvious choice of pet but it can work well for those who don’t mind putting some effort into caring for them, in exchange for a pet that is usually fun, friendly and playful. Not sure if a ferret would be the right kind of pet for you? Here’s Read More

Do Animals Have an Internal Clock?

Does your pet seem to know when it is time for dinner every day? Some pet owners have consistently marvelled at the ability of their dog or cat to remind them about meals or walks at the exact same time every day – sometimes right down to the exact minute. Given that our furry friends Read More

How to Make Your Pet Famous

Over the last few years, there have been a number of pets who have become famous, especially via social media. GrumpyCat is one of the most well known of these but you may also know the likes of Boo, LilBub and Maru.  These are just a few of the pets who have been able to Read More

The Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

Have you had your pet microchipped? You’re probably aware that cats and dogs can be microchipped but this can also extend to rabbits and horses. For dog owners in the UK, it is also set to become a legal requirement. What is Involved? A small microchip is inserted underneath your pet’s skin, often by a Read More