Can Dogs Eat Chocolate?

Those of us lucky enough to have them will be tucking into plenty of Easter eggs and other chocolate treats over the Easter weekend. However, as much as your dog might try to persuade you otherwise, you should never give chocolate to them. Chocolate can be very dangerous for dogs, and if consumed in large Read More

Cat Easter Egg Recipe

While we humans are busy enjoying our chocolate Easter eggs, it’s only fair that our cats get a little Easter treat too! It’s no secret that cats love tuna, so why not incorporate one of their favourite foods into an Easter treat? These cat ‘Easter eggs’ combine tuna, polenta, flour and egg to create tasty Read More

Dog Easter Egg Recipe

For us humans, there’s nothing better than enjoying a delicious chocolate egg at Easter time, but sadly, chocolate is toxic to dogs. But don’t worry, they don’t need to miss out on all the fun! We’ve got a brilliant, dog-friendly ‘Easter egg’ recipe for you to make at home. These tasty egg-shaped dog biscuits are Read More